Day: November 21, 2011

The Process and Hindrances of Retail Recruitment (Part 4 of 4)

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Rickey Hayes
Retail Attractions, LLC

Something probably needs to be said here about the political climate in communities since more and more local governments seem to not be able to get along or all get on the same page. Our firm works with all sizes of cities and all types of city governments. I can show you case study after case study and the evidence is overwhelming that unity in purpose and unity in vision sets a city apart from the pack. Elected officials have my utmost respect when they have the best interest of their constituents at heart. But when they are there with a personal agenda or after personal gain they should be recalled. Bottom line is this…political infighting and instability stops development. One of the foundational reasons our firm has been successful is that we believe in what we are doing. Recruiting retailers and restaurants to serve the needs of communities is good for cities. It is good in terms of generating and growing revenues, both sales tax and ad valorem, and it improves the overall quality of life in a city. If those governing your town are not interested in improving revenues and improving the quality of life of your citizens, you need to move.

Recently in a meeting with a city council, city staff, and EDC staff for a mid-size city, the EDC director said that over the past year their staff had sent over 250 letters directly to retailers asking them to come to town, and that out of all that work they had only gotten one reply back. I quickly asked what the reply was. The EDC director said that the one retailer that had replied simply said “No.” Retail and restaurant real estate departments get bombarded with city and chamber of commerce propaganda almost on a daily basis. Our network of retail and real estate relationships is open and receptive each time we call regarding potential new markets and are quick to direct us to their growth plans that involve our client cities. Furthermore, many retailers approach US about their growth plans for our perspective and opinions about where the most progressive and dynamic markets are. All cities have retail potential. They may not have the same potential, but they have some potential. Large or small, urban or suburban, micropolitan, or rural “one traffic light” communities…all cities have the potential to grow revenues and upgrade the quality of life for their citizens. Let us help you.

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